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Getting to Flinders Island

Your island experience 

There is something about an island, something about being on an island, something about visiting and experiencing Flinders Island. Perhaps it is something to do with the scale of an island .... it's 'containedness'that makes it achievable / understandable ... perhaps it is about the compactness of Flinders Island that has so many outstanding natural features of bays, beaches and mountains together in a relatively small area ... perhaps it is something to do with the access .... you can't just get in a car and drive to Flinders Island ... perhaps it is something about the separateness of the island that makes it look, feel and be slightly different ... having its own vernacular ... perhaps it is the friendliness of the people of Flinders Island and their resourcefulness and resilience as a community ... perhaps it is not just the sense of but the actual remoteness ... you do feel like you are a million miles away ... perhaps it is the abundance of wildlife in its natural environment ... perhaps it is all of these things ... 

When to come

Most holidaying visitors come to Flinders Island in the 6 months from December to May. The days are longer, the temperatures are higher and the water is warmer. For all those reasons it is a great time to come.

However Flinders Island in general, and Killiecrankie in particular, enjoys  a much milder winter climate than either it's big sibling to the south or it's Victorian cousin to the north.

And Nautilus is perfectly aspected and designed to take full advantage of the micro climate offered by Killiecrankie Bay. It faces due north with windows across it's whole northerly face capturing the winter sun. It is double glazed and fully insulated. On the days the sun doesn't provide warmth Nautilus 1 has an air conditioner and Nautilus 2 has a wood heater which adds, along with the absolute waterfrontage, to the ambience and experience of those wild stormy days. A visit to Flinders Island in the winter months is worth considering.

 ... or time your visit to Flinders Island and catch one of the annual Community Events on offer.

In January there is the Emita Sports Day  and the Furneaux Islands Festival celebrating island community, culture, food and music

August is the Flinders Flicks Film Festival

September there is the Flinders Island Running Festival 

October sees the annual Flinders Island Show

November is Le Tour de Flinders.

Check the Community Calendar for current dates by downloading the app

Experience the wildlife on Flinders Island Wombats
Experience the wildlife on Flinders Island Wallabies

How long to stay

The average length of stay for guests at Nautilus staying as holidaying visitors to our Flinders Island accommodation is 6 days with some guests staying much longer.

There is certainly enough to do (or not do if you are coming to Flinders Island to relax and recharge) to warrant staying for that amount of time.

Bush and coastal walking on Flinders Island
Relax, unwind, enjoy the solitude on Flinders Island

How to get here

By plane

Sharp Airlines run passenger services from Launceston, Tasmania and Essendon, Victoria.

Flights from Launceston take 35 minutes and run 7 days a week with multiple flights on weekdays.

Flights from Essendon take about an hour and run 4 days a week.

Additional flights are scheduled during busier times. Visit Sharp Airlines or call  1800 144 460.

Flinders Island is also serviced by a number of charter operators from Tasmania (Bridport) and Victoria (Lilydale, Moorabbin and Essendon).

Charter flights can land at Whitemark, Lady Barron or Killiecrankie. Visit Charter Airlines.

By boat

You can also get to Flinders Island by boat using the services of Bass Strait Freight. Although primarily for freight the service can take passengers. Visit Bass Straight Freight call (03) 6356 1753.

Contact Bass Straight Freight to make sure you know what services are available for passengers.

The actual crossing takes around 8 hours but you need to allow extra time for embarking and disembarking with vehicles loaded on first. This is one of the advantages of travelling by boat that you can bring you own vehicle.

By boat and plane

You can also get to Flinders Island by putting your car on the boat then flying to the Island with Flinders Island Aviation. Contact us to find out how.

Car hire

If you require a car you should make your booking at the same time you are booking your flights and accommodation. You can hire a car from either:

Swim, dive, fish and snorkel on Flinders Island

Self contained accommodation Flinders Island

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